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BGE Year 1

In S1, all learners follow our CfE course in mixed ability classes, building on the English and Literacy skills learnt in Primary School. Topics covered in S1 by all classes include personal writing, solo talks, ‘Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation’ and much more. A period a week is spent purely on building skills in literacy. Each S1 class has fortnightly timetabled library periods. The library facilities are also used throughout the year for building research and reading skills. The department timeline plan for S1 can be seen below.

BGE Year 1 Timeline 22-23 Parents

S1 BGE English Course Outline booklet pupils and parents 22-23

BGE Year 2

All learners continue to follow our CfE course in S2, in classes set by ability. These decisions are made based on the work produced in S1, test data and reports. Topics covered in S2 include listening skills, creative writing, textual analysis and learning how to write a critical essay. Learners continue to have a period per week devoted entirely to literacy skills. They also continue to have fortnightly timetabled library periods, and utilise the library facilities to further research skills. Below is the departmental timeline for S2.

BGE Year 2 Timeline 22-23 Parents

S2 BGE English Course Outline booklet pupils and parents 22-23

BGE Year 3

In S3, classes are set by ability, enabling teachers to streamline pupils’ progression to Nationals in S4.  Topics covered per term remain consistent across the department and include discursive and creative writing, critical essay writing, talking and listening skills, among many others. Pupils start to sit National 4 and National 5 unit assessments in S3, dependent on their ability. Each pupil will have completed a National 4 Added Value Unit by the end of the academic year.  Below is the departmental timeline for S3.

BGE Year 3 Timeline 22-23 Parents

S3 BGE English Course Outline booklet pupils and parents 22-23

Senior Phase S4-6

The English Department offers a range of National Qualifications for pupils in S4-S6. Specific details of each course can be found in the hyperlinks below.

National 4 English

SQA Course Information

National 5 English

SQA Course Information

National 5 Useful Information 2022-23

National 5 Media

SQA Course Information

How to Succeed in N5 Media 2022

Higher English

SQA Course Information

Higher English Useful Information 2022-23


Higher Media

SQA Course Information

How to Succeed in Higher Media 2022

Advanced Higher English

SQA Course Information

Advanced Higher English Useful Information

“5 ways you can support your child in English”

Encourage your child to read. Reading leads to having a better understanding of language and vocabulary, which in turn leads to the ability to then use this vocabulary in their Reading and Writing pieces.

Encourage them to use the resources given by the School. We have many help sheets on how to write a good introduction; how to research effectively; how to analyse a quotation.

Encourage them to use GLOW and Scholar, BBC Bitesize and Youtube. The English Dept often point out different resources to use in revision – often free, online, short-task resources too.

Encourage them to proofread their work. They can read it aloud to you, to family or even just to themselves. There are also resources online which will allow you to spellcheck and check your grammar for free.

Encourage them to make study notes for their topics. Study skills are essential at all levels – if they practice these skills now – they’re all set up for their Nationals!