Transition Videos

School Tours

School Tour #1 – G Corridor & Social Area

School Tour #2 – E Corridor & PE Classrooms

School Tour #3 – First Floor & Learning Plaza

School Tour #4 – Stairs & Second Floor

School Tour #5 – Visitor Entrance and Music Rooms

School Tour #6 – Canteen

School Tour #7 – Drama & PE

School Tour #8 – Modern Languages

School Tour #9 – ASL & Maths

School Tour #10 – Outside the Academy

Pupil Videos

S6 Buddies

S6 Buddies: Bus to School

S6 Buddies: The School Day

S6 Buddies: Normal School Week

S6 Buddies: Lunchtime (1)

S6 Buddies: Lunchtime (2)

S6 Buddies: Lunchtime (3)

S6 Buddies: Stairs and one way system

S6 Buddies: Who to go to for support?

S6 Buddies: English

S6 Buddies: Creative Arts

S6 Buddies: PE

S6 Buddies: PSE

S6 Buddies: Science

S6 Buddies: Technology

S6 Buddies: TRUST

S6 Buddies: My Experience


Meet the Staff

Meet the Head Teacher

Meet the Senior Leadership Team

Creative Arts Faculty

English Faculty

Health & Wellbeing Faculty

Mathematics Faculty

Modern Languages Faculty

Science Faculty

Technology Faculty

School Nurse – Mrs Jarvis

School Nursing Assistant – Mrs Robertson

P7 into S1 Transition Programme Outline – Mr McCluskey

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Accessing GLOW and Teams Guide

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Twitter – Basics

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