“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

Albert Einstein

Welcome to Mintlaw Academy Science Faculty



Mr S Phimister – PT Science Faculty

Mr L Gardner


Mr T Donaldson – Teacher Chemistry

Ms F Wallace – Teacher Chemistry


Ms A Cruikshank – Teacher Biology

Mr J Walsh – Teacher Biology

Ms K Urquhart – Teacher Biology


Mr D McIntosh – Teacher Physics

Mr J McHugh – Teacher Physics

Mr C Sanderson – Teacher Physics


S1-3 Broad General Education

All learners follow our S1-2 Science course which allows them to develop and apply knowledge and skills up to level 3 of Curriculum for Excellence.  In S3, learners can personalise their curriculum by choosing from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Themes:   Energy, Acids, Plants, Forces, Atoms, New lives, Electricity, Elements, Bodyworks, Light, Reactions, Inheritance, Environments, Planet Earth

Inter-disciplinary learning:   Research Skills, Our Scotland: Fleming and the discovery of penicillin, Rapid Response, Flatpack-a-Flapjack


Biology:  Life on Earth, Cells, Multicellular organsims

Chemistry:  Chemical Building Blocks, Nature’s Chemistry, Chemistry in Society

Physics:  Waves and Radiation, Space, Electricity


S4-6 Senior Phase

Learners can select options from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  From session 2013-14, courses will be offered at National 4/5, Higher and Advanced Higher levels.