SQA Information

Dear Parent/Carer,

SQA: Post Result Certification

  • SQA has intimated that Results will be sent out to pupils on 4th August and that following this, it will offer a Post Certification Review Process.
  • If a parent has a concern about a grade awarded, the concern should be discussed with the school. The school will be able to advise whether or not a request would meet the SQA’s criteria. Final decisions about whether a request should be made will, therefore, be taken by each school.
  • On the 4th August, 2020, Mrs Whitehead (SQA Co-ordinator) will be in school from 9.30-2.30. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, If you have a query regarding your child’s exam results, please contact Mrs Whitehead using one of the communication

Many thanks,

Mrs EJ Whitehead