SQA Information

Welcome to the page to support you and your young person through the SQA procedures for 2022-23. Please use this to access SQA sites and school information.

The Scottish Qualifications Authority examinations for session 2023 will take place from Monday 24th April until Wednesday 01 June. Further information can be found at SQA – Exam Timetable.

The Prelim examinations will start on Monday 16th January and will continue until 28th January inclusive. The Prelim timetable will be posted here in due course.

Your National Qualifications is a booklet that contains essential information and rules from the SQA that candidates must read before you start producing work that will be submitted for marking. All S4 to S6 pupils have been provided a copy during PSE. Please find an additional digital copy here.

Please find information for Parents and Pupils regarding the support available from the SQA here

Help your child prepare with access to past papers – here