‘Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly.’

James Dyson

S5/6 Energy Girls visit Falck Nutec for Survival Training


Welcome to the Faculty of Technology.



Mr D Duffy – PT Technology (Acting)

Mrs N Robertson – Technical (part – time)

Mr J Sheridan – Business Studies

Mrs F Cameron – Business Studies (part – time)

Ms S Lawson – Business Studies

Mr C Shapiro – Computing

Broad General Education


Technology – All learners follow our common CfE course, building on the Technology skills learnt in primary school, the level 3 course covers all aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence outcomes.  Topics covered include Design and Make projects, Graphic Communication and Engineering Science activities and ICT tasks in Computing Science.


Technology –  All learners follow our common CfE course, providing pupils with skills to prepare themselves for subject choice with the level 4 courses in S3. In S2 pupils are given further experience in the Traditional Technical Subjects, Computing Science and also an introduction to Business Education. Balancing all the subjects across the timetable giving the pupils a broad Technological Education.


S3 – Pupils are offered a small degree of choice in S3, the Technology subject areas are designed to allow progression into National 4 and 5 courses while still providing pupils with breadth across the curriculum.

– Business & ICT

– Computing Science

– Design Technology

– Engineering Technology

Senior Phase S4 – S6


– (National 4 – Higher)  SQA Subject Information

Business Management 

– (National 4 – Higher) SQA Subject Information

Design and Manufacture

– (National 4 – Higher) SQA Subject Information

–  Graphic Communication

– (National 4 – Higher)  SQA subject Information

–  Practical Craft Skills (wood) 

–  (National 4 & 5) SQA Subject Information

–  Engineering Science 

– (National 4 – Higher) SQA Subject Information