Vision and Values

Statement of Values for Mintlaw Academy Pupils and Staff

Mintlaw Academy is a school where Learning Together, in all its forms, is valued and central to what we do.

Our core values, on which we seek to develop a positive learning environment, are:





Statement of School Aims

At Mintlaw Academy, our aims are:

  1. To provide a learning and teaching experience of high quality, which challenges, motivates and meets the needs of each learner.
  2. To provide a high quality curriculum which meets the needs of the individual, addresses national requirements and promotes an enterprising culture.
  3. To ensure that all learners have the opportunity to realise their full potential through the promotion and recognition of achievement.
  4. To promote responsible citizenship and to help the young person to develop values, beliefs and attitudes compatible with being a responsible citizen.
  5. To provide a secure environment to support and nurture the personal, social and emotional development of each young person.
  6. To promote health awareness and encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.
  7. To develop and sustain effective partnerships between the school and the wider community for the benefit of learners.

By meeting our aims, we hope pupils develop as successful learners, effective contributors, confident individuals and responsible citizens.