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Covid-19 Updates

Mintlaw Academy Covid Recovery Manual version 1.4 revised and updated 01.07.2020

Parents Carers Covid19 Letter 24.06.20

Parents SQA Letter 22.06.20

Transport Information for Parents – 18.06.20

Children’s Services Plan – Consultation Letter and Survey 18.06.20

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Parents Carers Covid19 Letter 22.05.20


Hi Everyone

Hope you all managed to get a bit of a break over the Easter holiday and are now back engaging with the online learning staff are continuing to post up for you all.

It’s now three weeks of school since we were last in the building and firstly I would like to commend you all on the amount of learning you are managing to engage with.  Staff have been very impressed with your efforts.  However, it is clear that some of you are finding it challenging to know exactly how much learning you should be doing each day.  Remember, you don’t have to be online all the time – some activities will require you uploading materials which you can then complete offline.

Following discussion with staff this week we have agreed the following recommendations for you:

Pupils in S1-S2

You should be looking to complete 3 hours of learning per day.  Staff are aware of this and will be mindful of this in both the amount of work they set and deadlines they share with you for completion.  This should allow you to keep up with your learning whilst not meaning you find yourself on a given day with too much to complete.

Pupils in S3-S6

You should be looking to complete 4 hours of learning per day.  Staff will also ensure there are optional extra activities for you to be working on should you wish to engage in further learning.  Looking forward to next session it is important you ensure you are completing the work set by your teachers as this will very much lead in to your qualifications for May 2021.  I appreciate that seems a long way off but the period between now and the summer holidays is one that very much sets the scene for coursework August to May.

Hopefully the above guidelines which have been shared with staff are helpful for you.  We are all very aware of the need to balance ensuring you keep up to date with your studies with the very real challenges of making sure no one feels overwhelmed.  It is also so important you get some exercise every day.  I know many of you have been engaging with Joe Wicks and his daily routines.  The Health and Wellbeing staff have been flagging this up with you all.  Personally I got a new bike a couple of months back and going out on it both on my own and with my family has been great!

We are looking to virtually change the timetable Mid May.  We will share exact timings with you all once we have agreed a start date.  At that point each year group will move forward and staff will start engaging you all in the learning for next year’s coursework.  This with all of you, but particularly with the new “S4-S6” will be an important start to new courses for you. 

I hope you are all doing ok.  These are difficult times – certainly I’ve never been part of anything like this before –  but you can be sure we as a staff are trying to support you in every way we can.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch via your Guidance Teachers if there is any further support you do need.  Guidance staff I know have been in touch with many of you over the past few weeks already.  The current period is likely to go on for some time yet so it is important you do contact school staff where you need to.

Take care.  Stay safe.

Mrs Duthie

SQA Information for Pupils and Parents 2.4.20  

EMA Payments Update 31.03.20 –EMA payments will continue to be made for the remainder of the academic session 2019/20. Existing rules for students who become unwell and record sick leave remain in place. Any queries should be forwarded to

Key workers update 27.3.20 Please find below a link to the Aberdeenshire Council website for key workers to complete a request form to register their need for childcare. This form is to be completed by any parents and carers who consider themselves to be Category 1, 2 or 3 key workers who would have difficulties with sources childcare elsewhere help us assess the need of provision in this area.  

As with all other establishments we are following evolving guidance NHS Guidance for Educational Settings  General advice on the situation can be found via NHS Inform

Relevant updates from the SQA and NHS Grampian will be posted on both Twitter and the School website. 

Scottish National Standardised Assessments: Information for Parents/Carers

‘Scottish National Standardised Assessments: Information for Parents / Carers’ .

Prelim & SQA Information

The Prelim timetable and other useful information can now be found in the following area:- Pupils, SQA Information.

Increase to School Meal charges

The percentage increase will be applied to the tarriff in Academies – Main Course £2.00 – soup/pudding 85p. The New Tarriff will be available on line and in Academies from Friday 12th April 2019

The percentage increase will be applied to the tariff in Academies – Main course £2.00 – soup/ pudding 85p. The New Tarriff will be available on line and in Academies from Friday 12th April 2019

Activity Week Information

Senior Phase Choice Booklet Information

SQA & Revision Information

Therapeutic Garden Information

A group of teachers and pupils have been working hard to create a Therapeutic Garden in the grounds of Mintlaw Academy. Featuring winding paths leading to different areas, a reflective shelter, sensory flowers and plants, bird feeders, water features and other eco additions, the garden will be a long term project that will evolve over time. It will function as an education resource, involving pupils in its progress which will help them develop skills for life and employment and earn additional qualifications such as ASDAN, John Muir Award, Personal Achievement awards and many more! It will also serve a wider purpose, as an outdoor learning space for all classes, teambuilding area for staff and pupils, gardens for pupils to work on, development of eco projects and space to showcase projects.

Finally the creation and completion of the garden will facilitate a meaningful interdisciplinary project, engaging pupils, staff, local businesses, parents and community members, ultimately providing an additional resource in the learning and teaching of pupils in our area.

If you would like to be involved or hear more about the project please contact Mrs T Ross or Mrs A McKeown at Mintlaw Academy, 01771 622994.