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Mintlaw Academy is a secondary school based in the heart of central Buchan, North East Scotland.

We hope you find the information on this website useful and informative and that it gives you an insight into our school.

At Mintlaw Academy our vision is to provide all our stakeholders a quality learning environment, encouraging and developing all pupils, parents and staff to learn together providing them with the skills to promote a positive and aspiring educational experience both in school and our wider community.

SQA Appeal Information 2022



Ground Rules

Ground Rules – Updated August 2022

School Uniform August 2022

Peterhead Fire Station

Some great pictures below from an excellent partnership event with Peterhead Fire Station. A group of our young people from S2 and S3 involved in a mock emergency yesterday, with all parents in attendance to watch. They did fantastically well.

Mintlaw Academy/Rennie Farms Partnership

“In honour of a long standing partnership between Mintlaw Academy and Rennie’s Farm Shop, Morag Rennie presented Mintlaw Academy (on behalf of the family business) with a new whole school pupil award in memory of her Mother-in Law Ina, who spearheaded the partnership. The inaugural award winner was S4 pupil Calvin Strachan for his endeavour and commitment to the Fresh start project, which Rennie Farm Shop have supported for many years through the provision of fresh produce to allow Mintlaw Academy pupils to engage in an enterprise project as part of their learning.”

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The Wood Foundation and the Excelerate investment

Excelerate is an investment with ambition for system level change in education by The Wood Foundation. It is working with 11 schools in the North-east focussing on the transformation of culture, collaboration, and pedagogy through professional learning and network opportunities which inspire new and innovative approaches.

Latest News including Covid-19

Parents Evening – Go Virtual – In line with current COVID Guidance our S5/6 Parents evening will be hosted virtually using software called ‘Parents Evening Booking System’ for assistance in setting up the system, booking appointments and attending parents night please use the link below. 

Virtual Parents Evening Support 

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Mintlaw Academy Turns 40!