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Mintlaw Academy is  a secondary school based in the  heart of central Buchan, North East Scotland.

We hope you find the information on this website useful and informative and that it gives you an insight into our school.

At Mintlaw Academy our vision is to provide all our stakeholders a quality learning environment, encouraging and developing all pupils, parents and staff to learn together providing them with the skills to promote a positive and aspiring educational experience both in school and our wider community.

Latest News including Covid-19

Dear Parent/Carer,

SQA: Post Result Certification

  • SQA has intimated that Results will be sent out to pupils on 4th August and that following this, it will offer a Post Certification Review Process.
  • If a parent has a concern about a grade awarded, the concern should be discussed with the school. The school will be able to advise whether or not a request would meet the SQA’s criteria. Final decisions about whether a request should be made will, therefore, be taken by each school.
  • On the 4th August, 2020, Mrs Whitehead (SQA Co-ordinator) will be in school from 9.30-2.30. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, If you have a query regarding your child’s exam results, please contact Mrs Whitehead using one of the communication methods below. Please do not come to the school.

Many thanks,

Mrs EJ Whitehead


Mintlaw Academy Covid Recovery Manual version 1.4 revised and updated 01.07.2020

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If your child is not able to access the online GLOW or Teams sites please email the link below and a member of staff will be happy to assist with your problem.



Learning Plaza…

We are proud to announce our newly refurbished Learning Plaza refurbishment has been completed and is open.

Our new Learning plaza, £600,000 refurbishment of our old library space.

Pupil testimonials:

‘ I like the colours, I also like the lights and how some of the rooms are open plan.’

‘Innovative and Sharp’