School Uniform Update

The Mintlaw Academy school uniform can be bought online;

Click on this link and follow the links to “Secondary Schools” and then “Mintlaw Academy”. You can then select the items and sizes your require and they will be delivered to the school.

Ties can be purchased from the school office at a price of £2.00..


There is a new school uniform for pupils. This comprises :

Mintlaw Academy blazer (Optional S1-S4, Expected S5/S6)

Mintlaw Academy tie

White shirt

Mintlaw Academy black jumper/cardigan (optional)

Black trousers or skirt

Sensible black shoes


 The following is not acceptable;

Facial piercing items.

Provocative items and clothes with offensive slogans or

drug/alcohol-related logos which are inappropriate for school.

Casual/leisure wear (eg denim jeans/jackets, cropped tops)

For safety reasons, excessively long and baggy

trousers,stiletto heels, large loop earrings or garments made of

flammable materials.