Today’s Technologies For Tomorrow’s Generation

Welcome to the Faculty of Technology hub.



Mr A Hynd – PT Technology

Mr  R Geddes – Technical

Miss K Grant – Technical

Mr M Mclean – Technical

Mr D Duffy – Technical

Mrs N Robertson – Technical

Mrs F Cameron – Business Studies

Mr C Shapiro – Computing



Technology – common CfE course, building on the Technology skills learnt in primary school, the technology course covers all aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence outcomes.  Topics covered include Design and Make projects, Graphic Communication and Engineering Science activities, running throughout the course is the Business and ICT tasks.


Technology – the common CfE course provides pupils with skills to prepare themselves for subject choices at level 4 courses in S3. Balancing all the subjects across the timetable giving the pupils a broad Technological Education.



– Business & ICT

– Design Technology

– Engineering Technology

Senior Phase S4 – S6

– Administration

– Design and Manufacture

–  Graphic Communication

–  Practical Craft Skills (wood)

–  Engineering Science

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