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Keep up to date with the latest comments made by our parents.


“I believe that pupils at Mintlaw Academy are very privileged to be taught by dedicated, hardworking and inspirational teachers” (28/11/12)


“As a parent attending my last parents evening I would like to thank the teachers and support workers for doing an excellent job in the last 6 years. Everyone has been helpful to my daughter in stimulating her in the different subjects. Also in giving her encouragemewnt to improve and show her true worth and abilities. Thanks” (28/11/12)


“I think overall the presence of Mr Horberry is having a positive effect on the school in general. I am much more positive about my daughter’s second year than her first and hopefully the school as a whole with regard to work ethic and respect for other will only improve” (27/2/13)


“S2 Parent Information Evening held on 21/2/13 was well presented. Information given in a positive way” (27/2/13)


“School appear to be well run and focused on the pupils and their development” (27/2/13)


“The school has got a good reputation any small problems we have ever had has always been dealt with extremely well.” (27/2/13)


“School improvements are noticeable and have been long needed” (27/2/13)


“The pupils on the desks were very helpful. A credit to the school” (27/2/13)


“I am very happy my child has moved into the Academy without any problems and enjoys school” (7/11/12)


“I was impressed to see the Headmaster open evenings – I don’t have any issues so haven’t attended – but good to know it is there” (15/11/12)


“My daughter has a lot of support from teachers this year, this is great” (15/11/12)



“Already more positive outlook with new Headteacher in place appears to be more receptive to both pupil and parents views / opinions” (15/11/12)

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