Mintlaw Academy – Celebration of Engineering 2015

BAnner 1

The 2nd – 6th November 2015 is Mintlaw Academies Celebration of Engineering, engaging with Industry is seen as an important factor to enhance the curriculum with the Faculty of Technology.  Every pupil who has a class within the Faculty during this week will be given a presentation or take part in an activity either to help them with career options or to inspire them about Engineering.

 We have a range of contributors to the week who will all bring something different for the pupils.  Highlights of the week include visits and presentations from GE Oil and Gas Peterhead, an insight into the Carbon Capture and Storage project at Peterhead power station as well as the annual S2 Engineering Challenge delivered by NESCOL.

 This aims to be an enjoyable week for staff and pupils and hopefully the building of strong industrial relationships.

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