S5/6 pupils – Access to Course at Robert Gordon University

Closing date:  7th July 2017

‘Access To’ seeks to widen participation in Higher Education for students who are often under-represented in universities.  The programmes offer S5 and S6 pupils an opportunity to get first-hand experience of undergraduate degree study courses and student life on campus via twilight courses held after school.

In 2017/18 the following programmes are running:

  • Art and Architecture
  • Communication and Media
  • Health Professionals
  • Management
  • Life Sciences
  • Law/Law and Management
  • Engineering
  • Computing
  • Nursing and Midwifery

Twenty four pupils from Mintlaw Academy were involved in session 2016/17 and all graduated.

What’s involved?

All programmes offer a blend of practical subject focused sessions, delivered by the academic departments, and support sessions, delivered by the Wider Access team. Both elements are designed to help you make informed decisions about your future career and prepare you for higher education level study at college or university.

Activities include:

  • Subject focused study
  • Practical workshops and project experience
  • UCAS Application and Personal Statement support
  • Interview and portfolio preparation (where appropriate)
  • Working alongside RGU lectures and current students

All programmes run once a week over a number of weeks from September to December after school between 4.30 -6.30pm on either a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. The costs of all materials, refreshments and transport are met by RGU.


In return for your commitment you can expect a huge range of benefits including:

  • Access to state of the art learning and teaching facilities
  • Increased subject knowledge
  • Support to develop transferable skills- problem solving, teamwork, communication, presentation, independent study
  • Introduction to the university environment and student life
  • Advice and support to make informed decisions about your future
  • Advice on careers, pathways and progression
  • Support with applications to university
  • Access to the library and online learning resources via our Associate Student Scheme


For further information and to apply please log on to www.rgu.ac.uk/access-rgu  and complete the ‘Access To’ Application Form

Or contact

Kaisa Macdonald

Project Officer

Email: k.e.macdonald@rgu.ac.uk

Telephone: 01224263045


Stevie Kearney

Assistant Project Officer

Email: s.kearney2@rgu.ac.uk

Telephone: 01224263032


Academy Uniforms will be in school from 6.15pm on Wednesday 21st June to accept any uniform queries/orders.

Parents can order uniform items online until 1st July 2017 for free delivery to the school by 16th August, when items can be picked up.  To get free delivery to the school enter MINTLAWFREE into the voucher code after the payment section

Blazers can be leased from the school by S5/6 pupils for £20, £10 returnable deposit.

Ties can be purchased from the school for £2.50.

School Dress:

  • Mintlaw Academy blazer (S5/S6,optional for S1-S4)
  • Mintlaw Academy tie
  • White shirt
  • Mintlaw Academy black jumper/cardigan (optional)
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • Sensible black shoes (not black trainers)

 How to order school dress items:  (Prices may be subject to change)

v  Ties from the school – £2.50

 v  Academy Uniforms – blazers/knitwear – www.academyuniformsmpc.com

order online or when supplier in school

Blazer – £43.50 to purchase  (Senior pupils may lease from the school – £20)

Knitwear (100% cotton) – Jumper – £17.50, Cardigan – £18.50

v  Pom Print (Mintlaw) – knitwear only

v  Jazmayne (Peterhead) – knitwear only

v  Donalds (Peterhead) – knitwear and ties


Communication with Parents

Parents – frustrated when letters from school go missing?

Now is the time to get involved in shaping the future of communication with schools. Aberdeenshire Council is rolling out a new service to communicate with parents by email, text message and a new app for smartphones and tablets.

A parents’ survey is available that will directly influence how the school uses the new messaging service – you can complete it at the following link; https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/AberdeenshireSchools

This improved system will allow us to send home newsletters, certificates and other communication electronically, saving the school money currently spent on text message and printed newsletters.

We are scheduled to begin using this technology hopefully next year and are seeking parents’ views on what they want to receive, delivery methods and how often they want to hear from the school.

Please note, telephone and letter communication will still be used for communication that is of a sensitive or confidential nature.

 Further information is available by visiting http://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/schools/parents-carers/school-communications/  


Adverse Weather Information

During the dark winter days, we encourage pupils to put safety first.  This includes dressing appropriately so that they can be seen at all times and to wear appropriate outerwear/footwear for the weather conditions.  Pupils have been reminded about the procedures to follow in the event of wintry weather, please discuss these arrangements with your son/daughter including if the school were to close during the day.  If unable to get into school, pupils should work through the materials appropriate to them as instructed by their class teachers.  Information about changes to school bus routes or school closures will be posted on the Aberdeenshire Council website and on the school infoline.


To access the school infoline:

  • Dial Aberdeenshire Council’s access number: 0870 054 4999
  • Enter Mintlaw Academy’s Pin number: 021100
  • You will then be taken to the MAIN MENU where you will be given 4 options.
  • PRESS 1: to hear our school’s message about adverse weather

Open University: Young Applicants Schools (YASS) : – Information for Parents/ Carers and Students.

YASS Information

Mintlaw Academy Pupils’ Exam Success


We are very proud of the attainment of all our S4, S5 and S6 pupils in their recent SQA exams and qualifications. The pupils in the photo above received top grades in all the qualifications that they took before the summer. Congratulations to them and to all our pupils and a huge thanks to all our staff and parents for their support in helping all our pupils to experience record breaking success.

Communication for parents

Aberdeenshire council has changed the way parents receive online alerts about school closures and changes to school transport. You can now sign up for these notifications through myaccount on the Aberdeenshire Council website – if you currently pay for school meals online, you will already be registered.

 myaccount is a simple, secure way of accessing a range of Scottish public services using just one username and password and 13,000 parents across Aberdeenshire are already enjoying the benefits of it.

As well as being able to sign up for alerts, your home page will automatically give you handy information such as your bin collection days, where your nearest recycling centre is and the names of your local councillors.

So, if you want to be kept up-to-date and take advantage of the other myaccount benefits, sign up to the new system by going to the Aberdeenshire Council website and clicking on the red register button in the top right-hand corner.

Help and more information for parents and staff on myaccount can be found here http://bit.ly/shiremyaccount

Improvements to Online Payment for Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools

A letter has been sent out to all parents and carers of pupils registered at Secondary schools across Aberdeenshire in relation to the payment for school meals. School meal payments should be simpler following an upgrading to an improved system for online payments. This will help reduce administration and cash handling in schools and to improve the customer experience for parents and carers paying into the system, allowing balances and account history to be viewed.

The new system will require one off registration. See important details by clicking on the following link-

Cashless Catering in Secondary Schools and Online Payment Facility.

As far as the pupil experience will be concerned, there will be no difference for Secondary school pupils and online payments for Primary school pupils will be introduced during the coming academic year through a phased roll-out programme.

All Secondary schools have been transferring to the new system over the Summer holidays and this will be operational for the start of the new term. Any balances remaining at the end of the last school year (2014-15) will be automatically transferred across to the new system.


Aberdeenshire GIRFEC Website

I would like to draw your attention to the new Aberdeenshire GIRFEC website.  This is now the central way of containing information on GIRFEC for practitioners, young people and parents / carers.

It now means that information can be contained in one place and is intended to help everyone navigate through a complex landscape.

Please use the link below




The Scottish Government provide schools with a statistical “toolkit” which enables teaching colleagues to access school performance data. Please see below for some interesting statistics.

  • Mintlaw Academy S6 Boys leaving 2013/14 -100% Positive Destinations (Insight Data) – this is 10% above the Aberdeenshire Average.
  • Mintlaw Academy S4 Girls leaving in 2013/14 – 100% Positive Destinations (Insight Data) – this is 15% above the Aberdeenshire Average.
  • 85% of Mintlaw Academy S6 Girls  left to go to Further Education compared to 69% Aberdeenshire Average
  • 82% of Mintlaw Academy  S6 Boys left to go to Higher Education compared to 62% Aberdeenshire Average
  • 27% of Mintlaw Academy S5 Boys left to Higher Education compared to 9% Aberdeenshire Average !

Clearly Mintlaw ranks amongst one of the best performing in the region.

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