Exam Success

Very well done to our students who have achieved excellent exam results this year.

In particular the 5 pupils who attained 5 A passes at Higher. Grant Cameron / Anna Ferguson / Rachel Fraser / Sophie Hannah & Michaela Harley.

Exam Success

Also very well done to the 4 pupils who attained all Standard Grade Credit, Grade 1, Passes  or Intermediate 2 A passes in S4. Frances Bugden/ Catherine Donald / Lauren Harper / Rebecca Phelan


School Uniform Update…..

Thank you to all parents who have commented on issues with the uniform.
The school Dress Code Leadership is working closely with the supplier(s) and the Headteacher will issue a letter to all parents on Friday 21st June  to clarify issues.
The website will also be updated.
In the meantime Mintlaw Academy thanks you for your patience.


Previous uniform updates

School Uniform Information

Please find below relevant documents for the school uniform

School Uniform letter

School Uniform Order Form S56

My S3 Curriculum

Please find enclosed information about the 6 curriculum areas at Mintlaw Academy

Core Programs

Expressive Arts


Social Subjects


Support for Learners


Parental Survey Results

Parental Survey Results

Mintlaw Academy Parents Questionnaire









My child enjoys being at school


90% (90%)


My child finds school work stimulating and challenging


91% (90%)


The school has a good reputation in the local community


94% (94%)


Teachers are good at letting me know my child’s strengths and weaknesses


88% (84%)


Teacher’s in this school set high standards for pupils’ attainment


96% (95%)


School reports give me helpful information about my child’s progress


95% (95%)


The school encourages my child to work to the best of his/her ability


98% (97%)


Staff make me feel welcome at the school


97% (95%)


Parents’ evenings are helpful and informative


99% (98%)


School buildings are kept in good order 


97% (99%)


The school has explained how I can support my child with his/her homework


87% (82%)


I have a clear idea of the school’s priorities for improving the education of pupils


86% (87%)


My child is treated fairly in the school


97% (96%)


The school deals effectively with inappropriate behaviour


87% (84%)


The school makes it clear to parents what standard of work it expects from the pupils


93% (92%)


There is a mutual respect between teachers and pupils at the school


94% (92%)


Staff show concern for the care and welfare of my child


99% (99%)


The school is good at consulting me on decisions which affect my child


88% (92%)


If I raise a matter of concern the school will do something about it


97% (96%)


The school is well led



97% (96%)


Figures in brackets = S2 Parents

Parental Posts

Keep up to date with the latest comments made by our parents.


“I believe that pupils at Mintlaw Academy are very privileged to be taught by dedicated, hardworking and inspirational teachers” (28/11/12)


“As a parent attending my last parents evening I would like to thank the teachers and support workers for doing an excellent job in the last 6 years. Everyone has been helpful to my daughter in stimulating her in the different subjects. Also in giving her encouragemewnt to improve and show her true worth and abilities. Thanks” (28/11/12)


“I think overall the presence of Mr Horberry is having a positive effect on the school in general. I am much more positive about my daughter’s second year than her first and hopefully the school as a whole with regard to work ethic and respect for other will only improve” (27/2/13)


“S2 Parent Information Evening held on 21/2/13 was well presented. Information given in a positive way” (27/2/13)


“School appear to be well run and focused on the pupils and their development” (27/2/13)


“The school has got a good reputation any small problems we have ever had has always been dealt with extremely well.” (27/2/13)


“School improvements are noticeable and have been long needed” (27/2/13)


“The pupils on the desks were very helpful. A credit to the school” (27/2/13)


“I am very happy my child has moved into the Academy without any problems and enjoys school” (7/11/12)


“I was impressed to see the Headmaster open evenings – I don’t have any issues so haven’t attended – but good to know it is there” (15/11/12)


“My daughter has a lot of support from teachers this year, this is great” (15/11/12)



“Already more positive outlook with new Headteacher in place appears to be more receptive to both pupil and parents views / opinions” (15/11/12)

Headteacher Presentations

Please find below links to latest presentations delivered by Mr Horberry.

CfE and CLD Video – Youth Scotland

Curriculum Evening 24 02 15

Wider Achievement – Options

Copy of Curriculum Maps 2015

Please click on the  link below to see the youtube clipped played on the evening.


HT Blog – Archived –

19th April 2013

The SQA exams are now underway with the Standard Grade Art taking place yesterday. I appreciate this is a stressful time for students and I continue to advise them to use their study time effectively and usefully by planning their revision. Study leave begins shortly for all S4/5/6 pupils and this well help students with their final preparations at this important time.

I was delighted to get the news of our 5 Young Engineers who have made it through to the World Finals of the ROV Mate Competition in Seattle, USA. You can read more about them on the front page of the website, well done boys.

This week we have seen the start of our newly upgraded and refreshed social area. 20 new picnic style tables and benches arrived during the Easter holiday and we also installed a plasma screen tv and 3 additional monitors with speakers. There is also an additional catering point serving hot and cold food / drinks at interval and lunchtimes. It has been great to see over 200 pupils using the space at break and lunchtimes this week.

Yesterday, we had the privilege of welcoming Steve Frew (Scottish Commonwealth Gold Medal Winning gymnast) to the school. He spent time working with our PE students and was a real inspiration.

On Tuesday we held a concert for the P7 pupils as part of their transition programme to the academy. The various soloists and bands put on a magnificent performance of a wide variety of musical items that entertained the P7 pupils and their teachers for the afternoon. This is a great way of enabling our future S1 pupils to become comfortable with the surroundings of the academy and also witness first hand the great talent that the academy has and develops.

This morning our Junior Girls Football Team is off to Edinburgh to play against JamesYoungHigh School in the quarter-final of the Scottish Cup which is yet another fantastic sporting achievement for our school.

Finally I have written to all S4/S5 parents about the arrangements for the new school uniform which we have been working on all year. A copy of this letter and the order form can also be found in the parents section of the website.


7th March 2013

With the SQA Exams only a few short weeks away the “final push” for preparing for these is well underway. There are lots of opportunities for students to revise and prepare for these extremely important exams. Many departments have extra revision sessions where students can complete examples of exam type questions and or receive 1-2-1 support from their teacher. Details of these can be found in the Parents Area of this website.

In addition to this I have invited Dr Roy Paget, a world renowned learning coach, to come and work with groups of S4 / S5 students and also to present to parents at a “Raising Attainment Evening” from 6.30pm on Thursday 14 March in the Social Area. He will share and explain the wide range of techniques and strategies that can help students achieve their full potential.

It is also “Subject Choice” time with students making curricular choices in

S2/S3/S4/S5 – subject choice booklets are available to download from this website. This is a challenging time for students and to help them make informed decision in addition to the subject choice booklet teachers have been explaining what subjects / courses and qualifications are available.

Also Guidance Teachers have been conducting some 1-2-1 interviews to help with the decision making process. The important thing to remember, especially for S2 pupils, is to make choices that do not “block off” any career plans they might have later in their school career and choose from as wide a range of different subjects as possible.

It is indeed a very busy time at Mintlaw Academy and there are only a couple of weeks to go until the Easter Holidays….so look out for the Term

3 Newsletter which will be distributed soon which will detail more of all that has been happening in school this term.


February 2013


It is fantastic to see that there have been over 20 000 visits to the website so far and I am pleased to see that it is being viewed regularly. We continue to update it and provide useful and relevant information, but if you think we need to add something in particular please use the from below to let us know.


The school has got off to a hectic and really busy start to 2013 with the Prelim exams now over, albeit disrupted by the weather, and now the preparations for S2 / S3 / S4 and S5 pupils making choices about their curriculum for session 2013/2014.


There has also been some magnificent events taking place. I had the pleasure of attending the 22nd Annual Mintlaw Academy Burns Supper on Thursday 7 February which was attended by almost the entire senior school and many colleagues. The students were immaculate and I was most impressed with the organisation and smooth running of the event. I am looking forward next year already !


We also held an Art Exhibition on Thursday 14 February with displays of art  in many forms in our social area. It was great to see the hard work and creative talent of our young people on show and clearly being enjoyed by the many visitors we had attending.


We are in the final stages of deciding on the “New School Uniform” for MintlawAcademy with lots of hard work by our Dress Code Leadership Group culminating in a vote by all pupils and staff on the winning designs taking place on Thursday 21 February.  Parents are invited to vote as well through our online survey which is accessed via this website. We will announce the winning design as soon as the votes have been counted.


January 2013

I do hope you all had a restful and happy Christmas and I wish you a very good, healthy 2013. I hope you are enjoying our new and evolving website with new information being added on a weekly basis. It is great to see that there has been almost 10,000 visitors to the site already.

The front page is currently showing two new winning designs from a “Design Your School Uniform” competition that was held in the school last term. The plan is for pupils to vote on their preferred option later this term with a view to implementing the new uniform next session. I would be pleased to hear your comments on the designs. You can do this by leaving a comment on the blog.

This term will be a busy one with the Prelim exams for S4-S6 starting on Monday 21 January for two weeks. This coupled with some renovations to the school building will mean a busy time for us all.

I plan to keep you updated on what is happening in the school regularly through the blog, but in the meantime can I take this opportunity to remind you of the Headteacher Parent Surgery which takes place every Tuesday from 4-6pm. This is an opportunity for any parent to “drop in” and meet with me to discuss any aspect of the school. No appointment is necessary.

Happy New Year !

“A Raising Attainment Evening A Success

I was most impressed with the talk last night, and think that the pupils who have been selected to be on this programme are privileged.

Thank you for taking this approach for these learners.

All children and parents should be aware of this method.

I’m even thinking of applying it myself for my work. (Storytelling!)

Is it possible to purchase the 3×5 ring bound cards from the school, or can you suggest a source. I have my own flip chart luckily.

Once again, I really appreciate this innovative and encouraging approach. A breath of fresh air. Thank you Mr. Horberry, our children are in good hands with you!

Dr Roy Paget  – Find out more.

Roy in focus


Roy J. Paget is a neuroscientist and a leading authority on Brain Based

Learning and the educational and academic achievements of children. He

has devoted his life’s work to raising human potential and personal

effectiveness and his unique approach to training and development has

assisted companies from here and abroad to dramatically increase their



Since gaining his Ph.D. in right brain thinking, Roy has become a

highly respected author, lecturer, TV and radio personality and

consultant. In his clinical work, he has also successfully treated

hundreds of people in their personal quest for harmonious and balanced

lives. He is also the founder of the British Academy of Advanced

Training, a company dedicated to empowering both people and

organisations towards achieving greater success and increasing their

performance capability.


Find out more :





School Uniform Design

Uniform Update….





“After a rigorous voting process the votes have been counted and the school
community has decided, overwhelmingly, to opt for the “black” option”.

For further details about when and how we will adopt our new uniform –
please keep checking the website.

Thanks to all of you who took part in the voting.

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