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Young Engineers showcase at SubSea UK


 Mintlaw Academy Young Engineer ROV team were given the honour of attending and presenting at the SUBSEA UK EXPO and also their Business Dinner ….more


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Autumn 2013

Raising Attainment

Raising Attainment – Target Setting

Mintlaw Academy is committed to raising the standard of attainment for its pupils.. A new initiative has been introduced to support pupils achieve their best potential.

In all subjects from S4-S6 all pupils will be issued with a target from their teachers which will be closely monitored throughout the session.

Pupils who are not working at their expected level will be offered additional support and strategies to get them “back on track” early and before the exams.

The role of parents is vital in this and it would be helpful if these targets and current level of performance is discussed at home.

Fresh Start – Group Blog

 11. 6. 13 

Our group took photos of the space that we are goEco Picture 1ing to be working on, printed them off and mounted them on an ‘ideas’ sheet.




 We researched ideas for the eco space and looked on the internet for more information about eco spaces. We gained more ideas about what we could create for the space  and put the information on to the ideas sheet.


We have had our boiler suits and gloves delivered!DSCN0283





Yesterday afternoon Martyn, Josh and Deacon went to Fresh Start.  We showed Alan (Mrs Richard’s husband),  Mr Horbery and Alan’s dog what our plans are for the eco space behind the school. Then  we came inside, had toast and tea and tried on our boiler suits and new working gloves. Now all we need is our steel toe capped boots and we are ready to get working. After all the planning is done then we can get to work on it and get it done so it’s a more eco friendly area for wild life.


We came up with some fundraising ideas to raise money for our plans.


Clearing the area in the pouring rain! DSCN0295






Making use of the good weather we went out and worked really hard to clear through the weeds to make a path to the eco space. Hopefully we plan to put down a wooden path here that would be a good access to the site.














It was a freezing day and it was raining heavily so Mr Carnie and I got changed into appropriate clothing, boiler suits and waterproof gloves. When I was getting changed Mr Carnie was getting litter pickers, bags and a bag holder which keeps the bags open. We set off into the wet forest and started to pick up litter. We set out with two empty bags and when we were finished we had 2 bags full.




We made a questionnaire about how to plan out the eco area to transform it. We have cleared most of the area but there is room for improvement.



We dug out some of the path for the new path that will be laid later in the year.


Martyn was hammering nails into the wood that will form the  path into the Eco Space.


We took measurements of the area to make up the detailed ‘After’ plan.


We took photos for the ‘Before’ section of the scrapbook. The scrapbook we have created will help us achieve the John Muir Award.   We also researched tips on how to do an Eco garden.


We discussed our ideas made up the plan for the Eco garden.  Deacon made a detailed measurement of the walkway.  We had a look around the area to see where to put bird/bat boxes and  identified the need to clear some trees.

School Uniform Update…..

Thank you to all parents who have commented on issues with the uniform.
The school Dress Code Leadership is working closely with the supplier(s) and the Headteacher will issue a letter to all parents on Friday 21st June  to clarify issues.
The website will also be updated.
In the meantime Mintlaw Academy thanks you for your patience.


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