Academy Uniforms will be in school from 6.15pm on Wednesday 21st June to accept any uniform queries/orders.

Parents can order uniform items online until 1st July 2017 for free delivery to the school by 16th August, when items can be picked up.  To get free delivery to the school enter MINTLAWFREE into the voucher code after the payment section

Blazers can be leased from the school by S5/6 pupils for £20, £10 returnable deposit.

Ties can be purchased from the school for £2.50.

School Dress:

  • Mintlaw Academy blazer (S5/S6,optional for S1-S4)
  • Mintlaw Academy tie
  • White shirt
  • Mintlaw Academy black jumper/cardigan (optional)
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • Sensible black shoes (not black trainers)

 How to order school dress items:  (Prices may be subject to change)

v  Ties from the school – £2.50

 v  Academy Uniforms – blazers/knitwear –

order online or when supplier in school

Blazer – £43.50 to purchase  (Senior pupils may lease from the school – £20)

Knitwear (100% cotton) – Jumper – £17.50, Cardigan – £18.50

v  Pom Print (Mintlaw) – knitwear only

v  Jazmayne (Peterhead) – knitwear only

v  Donalds (Peterhead) – knitwear and ties


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