“A Raising Attainment Evening A Success

I was most impressed with the talk last night, and think that the pupils who have been selected to be on this programme are privileged.

Thank you for taking this approach for these learners.

All children and parents should be aware of this method.

I’m even thinking of applying it myself for my work. (Storytelling!)

Is it possible to purchase the 3×5 ring bound cards from the school, or can you suggest a source. I have my own flip chart luckily.

Once again, I really appreciate this innovative and encouraging approach. A breath of fresh air. Thank you Mr. Horberry, our children are in good hands with you!

Dr Roy Paget  – Find out more.

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Roy J. Paget is a neuroscientist and a leading authority on Brain Based

Learning and the educational and academic achievements of children. He

has devoted his life’s work to raising human potential and personal

effectiveness and his unique approach to training and development has

assisted companies from here and abroad to dramatically increase their



Since gaining his Ph.D. in right brain thinking, Roy has become a

highly respected author, lecturer, TV and radio personality and

consultant. In his clinical work, he has also successfully treated

hundreds of people in their personal quest for harmonious and balanced

lives. He is also the founder of the British Academy of Advanced

Training, a company dedicated to empowering both people and

organisations towards achieving greater success and increasing their

performance capability.


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